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Remote Monitoring

The PatrIoT Remote Monitoring System is an Enterprise Class software application that is capable of monitoring network devices remotely to determine device status, monitor device health and to generate actionable alarms and notifications.

The screen of a monitoring application showing graphs and data from a UPS.

The PatrIoT Software

The System consists of two parts, a “sender” application called a Data Collector and a “receiver” application called a Service Manager.

The Data Collector application is deployed on-premise within a company network and is responsible for connecting to network devices through SNMP to determine their status.

The Service Manager Cloud-Based application is responsible for receiving all data, metrics, alarms and status from the deployed Collector applications across the Internet.

Easy Setup

SacPower will deliver a fully configured and ready to use Data Collector.

Cloud Based Monitoring

Cloud based Web Interace for instant anywhere access to see a status of your critical infrastructure.

Alerts To Your Inbox

Receive E-mail and/or SMS alerts of issues with your systems.

Remote Monitoring Architecture

Remote monitoring network diagram

How it Works

SNMP data is collected and analyzed at regular intervals by the Data Collector and sent out of the company network to the Cloud-Based Service Manager. One or many Collectors can be deployed within a company network at one to many locations. The Collector application software has been optimized to run on a Single Board Computer (SBC) and can also be deployed as a Virtual Machine on Hypervisors such as ESXi or VSphere. Its flexible deployment approach allows for greater installation adoption and scalability.

Status at a Glance

The Service Manager provides a user interface for users to gain access and view details, charts, graphs, maps and lists of assigned locations, devices, alarms, metrics and reports. Through the interface, users are able to remotely view the current status of all of their monitored assets. Access to the user interface is controlled through modular permission down to the location level allowing users to see only their company locations and devices. The Service Manager is also responsible for processing and notifying users of open and resolved alarms received from the Data Collectors. Alarms are processed and sent to corresponding users via SMS and/or E-Mail.

Patriot Demo

The screen of a monitoring application showing graphs and data from a UPS.
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