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SacPower support and protection unburdens your IT staff.

Our staff of factory-trained technicians handle and ever-increasing volume of support contracts throughout California. Establish a service agreement for one or all of your UPS systems and never again have to stock replacement batteries or schedule your staff for UPS maintenance and repair.

Superior UPS Service comes from our expertise:

  • Our highly trained staff are experts in all aspects of UPS installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • We have over 30 years’ experience in UPS servicing
  • We have top of line analysis tools to pinpoint UPS error codes
  • Our fleet of vehicles allows us to bring heavy batteries and equipment anywhere in California
Remote Monitoring Service
Our custom Patriot Software monitors your UPS systems 24/7. Our experts are notified immediately of any issue related to incoming building power or UPS functionality and can then be dispatched to correct the problem or make recommendations to onsite staff regarding the required corrective action.
Next Business Day
Includes next business day onsite response, replacement battery kits & parts, labor, travel, telephone tech support, corrective maintenance, environmental inspection, functional verification, and on-site trouble shooting.
Warranty Pool Support Contract (WPSC)
Covers a pool of all or a portion of your UPS units and battery packs for a fraction of the cost of traditional contracts.
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