SacPower: Your power protection partner since 1988. Scoping and design services.

Scoping and Design


The most efficient system for your needs may not be the most obvious solution.That’s why we question everything during the scoping and design phase.

We create your UPS battery backup strategy from the most objective, knowledgeable scoping and design perspective available today. 

SacPower specializes exclusively in power protection systems. Because our services are not add-on or peripheral to what we do, every Bill of Materials (BOM) is based on expert evaluation of the upside and downside of the options available for your needs. Before the job starts, our commitment is to understand your business and design the right UPS strategy to support it.



SacPower scoping and design protects you from:

  • Costly delays
  • Over-sized systems
  • Under-sized systems
  • Overspending
  • Heating and cooling problems
  • Inadequate run-time
  • Performance issues
  • Inefficient space utilization

“When we embark on a power project, we always depend on the expertise of SacPower. Their team has worked with us for years to properly assess UPS requirements at our western region locations. We rely on and trust their vast knowledge, they’ve never let us down.”


– Systems Administrator

The Salvation Army

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