SacPower: Your Power Protection Partner since 1988. Relocation and Removal services.

Relocation and Removal


Your timeline is our timeline for a fast, efficient, safe and hassle-free relocation and removal process.

Make your move or safe disposal a smooth one. 

Look no further than SacPower for trained professionals to move your heavy, fragile UPS system or to safely remove and dispose of legacy equipment. Organizations of all sizes rely on us to provide transport equipment, assembly & commissioning expertise.


SacPower covers all the bases:


  • Decommissioning Our factory-trained technicians are well versed in the proper shut-down of small, medium and large UPS systems. Disassembly of components, modules and equipment racks with preparation for proper transport for re-assembly or disposal is included with our de-commissioning service.


  • Transport– Our specialized moving equipment is used to move units for re-assembly to the room where it will be installed, not just to your receiving area. Heavy equipment is carefully removed from your building with special emphasis on preventing damage to the premises.


  • Re-assembly– All components are positioned to enable floor plan optimization and installation. For ultimate safety and security we offer seismic anchoring services where needed.


  • Re-commissioning & Start up– Once the system has been re-assembled from an electrical and mechanical standpoint, technicians re-energize the power systems in the proper sequence. Testing then takes place in all operational modes. Training is available for any new personnel at the relocation site.


  • Disposal–  SacPower partners with certified recyclers who are essential to safe and lawful re-use of UPS hardware and batteries.

“We trusted our desks and chairs to the furniture mover, but not our UPS. SacPower was in tune with our needs as well as the special logistics to safely transport our heavy, fragile 3-phase UPS from one data center to another.”


– Manager, Campus Services & Infrastructure

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