Your UPS systems can be like a 3,500 lb gorilla. SacPower handles the logistics: receiving, storing, testing and moving your system so you don’t have to deal with storage and the packaging left behind. 

The foundations are laid for a smooth installation long before our technicians arrive at your site.  

SacPower specializes in eliminating bottlenecks. That’s why the UPS equipment we’ve specified for your facility first arrives at our staging area, not yours. It doesn’t leave until it’s unpacked, tested, configured, documented and repacked according to our logistics plan for your site and installation process.


SacPower protects you from:

  • Unexpected delays
  • Employer-related workers’ comp risks
  • Lack of proper moving equipment
  • Wrong or missing components at installation
  • Out-of-the-box failure
  • Clean up issues

“We were thrilled when SacPower arrived with our systems. It was already configured, tested and documented. We’ve never had such a simple, hassle-free installation.”

– Major University

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