SacPower: Your power protection partner since 1988. Turnkey Installation and Start Up Services.

Turnkey Installation and Start Up


SacPower Installation and Start Up allows your IT  staff to remain dedicated to your vital network and server support functions. 

Install your critical power and cooling products with minimal disruption to your IT and facilities staff. 

SacPower’s seasoned installation and start up professionals have served hundreds of organizations to move, install and construct precisely what’s needed while respecting the needs of your staff at every step.


Your needs define the process:


  • Delivery – Fragile, extremely heavy UPS equipment is delivered to the room where it will be installed, not just to your receiving area.


  • Installation –  From 500VA to 100kVA systems, logistics are planned in advance for unmatched installation.


  • Assembly & Seismic Anchoring – For large-scale cabinet products, components are positioned in rows separated by hot-aisles and cold-aisles. Power and battery modules, powerstrips and network monitoring devices are then installed. Where needed, seismic anchoring is available.


  • Electrical & Mechanical Installation – Our technicians will coordinate the electrical installation of any unit requiring specialized or hard-wired input with your electrical contractor or a trusted partner of our own.


  • Network Management Card Install & Configuration – Save time and money by having SacPower pre-configure and install network management cards.


  • Start Up Service – During or after standard business hours, SacPower technicians perform all inspections, energizing, testing, verification and training of your IT and facilities personnel.

“SacPower recognized that timing was critical. They worked on our schedule, not theirs — and were thorough as well as highly respectful of our facilities and our staff.”


– Network Engineer

Folsom Cordova Unified School District

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