Site Assessment


Your UPS needs are unique to your organization. Giving you the right system starts with a quality site assessment.

We’ll spot the problems and the opportunities at no charge.

A SacPower site assessment specialist will visit your site anywhere in California, free of charge, to assess every factor that can potentially compromise your UPS performance or cause costly delays during installation. While UPS battery backup is not the most glamorous part of your enterprise, it has the potential to leave you vulnerable to unexpected and costly downtime now — and down the road.

A free SacPower Site Assessment identifies your unique needs:

  • Single or multi-location
  • New or old buildings
  • Room access
  • Power requirements
  • Available rack or floor space
  • Operations
  • Installation obstacles
  • Aging UPS and more

“The best time to bring in SacPower is early. We’ve done massive state roll outs with the SacPower team on our side. UPS is one thing I never have to worry about.”

– Senior Security Strategist



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