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SacPower is a recognized leader in installation, service and support of single and 3-phase power protection systems throughout California.

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Time and time again, SacPower is the UPS battery backup provider of choice for business enterprise throughout California. SacPower is the total solutions expert in ALL aspects of UPS systems and products.

Case in Point:



With its divestiture of PayPal in 2015, eBay was required by law to establish eight brand new separate locations to house enterprise operations throughout the United States. Project managers needed a reliable UPS partner to design, create and separate office space as well as deploy the infrastructure including phones, office space set-up, systems and everything else legally mandated to ensure that PayPal became a separate entity from eBay. Additionally, the work needed to be done without compromising eBay’s ability to do business 24/7.


eBay’s team chose SacPower to specify, deliver and install UPS systems for the entire physical divestiture set-up on a national level working alongside local construction and electrical contractors in each city. SacPower assessed requirements, procured the necessary equipment, and brought all equipment to its in-house staging area for comprehensive testing before “white-gloves” delivery in seven cities across the nation. SacPower’s project management team created inventory lists with manufacturer names, key contacts, model and serial numbers, as well as destination details.

As set-up for each city was completed, equipment and technical staff were deployed with “just in time” precision. Electrical wiring and installation were verified. Equipment was started and functionally tested. Then on to the next city.


The SacPower roadshow was a resounding hit. The immense and complex job was completed on time, within budget and perhaps most importantly, without causing eBay or its customers any interruption of service.  With its accurate assessment of eBay’s needs and government divestiture rules, experience and expertise in planning, scheduling and partnering with vendors in cities nationwide, SacPower proved to be a pivotal force in the project’s success.

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