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50 major electrical contractors.

SacPower is a recognized leader in installation, service and support of single and 3-phase power protection systems throughout California.

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Time and time again, SacPower is the power protection provider of choice for electrical contractors throughout California. SacPower is the total solutions expert in ALL aspects of UPS systems and products.

Case in Point:

Paganini Electric, San Francisco


Paganini Electric was moving its customer’s 3-phase UPS a mere 12 blocks in San Francisco’s financial district – a potential logistics nightmare. The UPS and external battery cabinet and maintenance by-pass panel that weighed in excess of 10,000 pounds needed to move safely. In a major city, cars have a difficult enough time maneuvering city streets, let alone a moving truck with such large, heavy and sensitive equipment. The timeline to disassemble, transport, reassemble and re-start this behemoth? One day.


Paganini partnered with SacPower for its expertise in ALL aspects of UPS systems – particularly logistics and relocation. SacPower accomplished its mission in three stages:

STAGE 1: Disconnect and disassemble the 10,000 pound plus UPS system located at its current 14th floor location. Stage a specialized lift-gate truck across the Golden Gate Bridge along with skilled laborers and moving equipment to accommodate the heavy and sensitive electronics on call.

STAGE 2: Once the disassembled equipment was on the street, SacPower’s team was on the scene to load every component within one hour. They proceeded 12 blocks, unloaded and moved the equipment into its new home.

STAGE 3: Reassemble, reconnect, restart and test the equipment to ensure that all was in perfect working order and available by close of business.


Challenging obstacles aside, Paganini’s customer was up and running in one day – on schedule and on budget.

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