SacPower has served more than

200 K-12 schools, colleges and universities. 

SacPower is a recognized leader in installation, service and support of single and 3-phase power protection systems throughout California.

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Time and time again, SacPower is the UPS battery backup provider of choice for education IT throughout California. SacPower is the total solutions expert in ALL aspects of UPS systems and products.

Case in Point:

Folsom Unified School District


The Folsom-Cordova Unified School District was in the middle of a district-wide roll-out of new wireless access points (WAPs) at over 30 schools in multiple cities. With existing infrastructure not sufficient to support the new WAPs, district management sought a partner to handle everything from design and installation of new equipment to certified repair of older but still productive units. Work would be needed on location at times of day that accommodated the school environment.


After a comprehensive site assessment at each school to determine which existing unites required replacement and which units could be repaired, SacPower specified network management cards for all units and provided an IP-based management platform. IT personnel could monitor the status of every UPS district-wide from a single console at the district office. SacPower’s turnkey services included removal and recycling of all end of life units, installation of all new UPS & extended-run battery packs, configuration of the IP address information on all network management cards, and battery replacement with recalibration of the systems electronics for all repaired units. All work was then verified as completed properly and processes followed correctly, including documentation of the work that was performed.


WAP reliability throughout the district was significantly improved. UPS battery backup equipment was configured and deployed ahead of projections and within budget, without interrupting work flow at district locations. Just as crucial, the district is now able to pro-actively monitor their vast UPS inventory and has established a 5-year maintenance schedule for all UPS equipment.

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